Peter Cook - Retrospective

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Catalogue of the exhibition “Peter Cook. Retrospective”
ed. by Kristin Feireiss und Nadejda Bartels
in German and English
100 pages, hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-944899-06-0

Amongst architects there are exceptional individuals who have redefined the significance of architecture in society, influencing theory as well as the practice of succeeding generations and who can justifiably be regarded as architectural revolutionaries: Professor Sir Peter Cook, who was awarded a knighthood for his services to the profession in 2007 and celebrates his eightieth birthday this year, is without a doubt such an individual.
The exhibition Peter Cook. Retrospective allows a view into the work of the artist and architect, demonstrating the variety of techniques that he used – hand drawing, coloured prints, collage – from Archigram to CRAB, from 1968 to today, from Plug-In City to Hidden City. Peter Cook’s architectural graphics are not always concerned with the designs of specific projects, but arise from fantasy or pure artistic experimentation. Thus the idea of metamorphosis, a recurrent motif throughout his drawings, is in part a search for answers to the question as to whether architectural language is limited by boundaries.

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