Hans Poelzig. Projects for Berlin

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Catalogue of the exhibition “Hans Poelzig. Projects for Berlin”
ed. by Nadejda Bartels
in German and English
112 pages, hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-944899-10-7

Hans Poelzig (1869–1936) was arguably an outstanding architect of his time. His colourful personality, undogmatic way of working, humour and temperament are mirrored in the artistic forms of his building designs. Most of all, it is his drawings which offer an intimate view into Poelzig’s creative working process: powerful charcoal marks and glowing pastel colours but also tender, tentative graphite and coloured pencil lines form a significant body of expressionist work. The exhibition of Hans Poelzig’s drawings for his Berlin projects demonstrates the wide range of his architectural briefs and the diversity of his oeuvre, from his student sketches that reveal his drafting talent, to the urban planning projects of the experienced architect.
The exhibition is a collaboration with the Architecture Museum of the Technical University of Berlin and is made up of loans from its extensive collection of drawings from Hans Poelzig’s estate.